Available grants/funding


This is a FREE funded programme launched at the end of October 2022 and is available to over 19 year olds  help adults improve their numeracy skills..  Good numeracy skills may unlock job opportunities and lead to higher wages or prepare you for further study. They also help in everyday life, such as helping children with homework and budgeting money.  For more information check out their website at https://skillsforlife.campaign.gov.uk/courses/multiply/


RCS Employability Programme 

The RCS Employability programme provides one to one support for people seeking employment on the Isle of Wight. Areas of support include health, employability, digital inclusion, financial support, work ethic and attitude, and in work support.

To be eligible for the RCS Employability Programme you must be unemployed or not earning (this includes people on zero hours contracts). You must also be 18 years old or over and eligible to work in this country. If you are interested in signing up for the programme or to refer an individual, please call 01794 522106 / 07591 835870 or email their head office on bbo.rcs@gmail.com

Why not visit the RCS website or their Facebook page for more information on how they may be able to help you or someone you know?  https://rcsservices.org.uk  https://www.facebook.com/rcsemployabilityiow


Family Holiday Association

The FHA is a charity that works specifically to help disadvantaged families get that much-needed break.  Check out their website at  https://familyholidaycharity.org.uk/holidays


Family Fund – Helping Disabled Children

Helping families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people across the UK. If you’re raising a disabled or seriously ill child, Family Fund might be able to help. They can only accept one application per household. To apply on behalf of more than one child, you will need to complete a full application form for one child and a child details form for each additional child you are applying for. You should hear from Family Fund within 10 weeks of them receiving your application.   Check out their website at https://www.familyfund.org.uk/faqs/how-do-we-apply


Emergency Essentials Programme – BBC Children in Need

Family Fund Business Services are working in collaboration with BBC Children in Need to deliver the Emergency Essentials programme supporting children and young people living with severe poverty as well as additional pressures such as domestic violence, disability or poor health in the family.  The programme can deliver or fund critical items such as:

  • Gas or electric cookers
  • Essential household items
  • Furniture and kitchen equipment
  • Children’s beds and bedding
  • Washing machines
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Baby equipment
  • Clothing in exceptional or emergency situations

Applications must be completed by a registered referrer who is part of an organisation that is supporting the family or young person and capable of assessing their needs.  https://www.familyfundservices.co.uk/emergency-essentials/


Friends of the Elderly Grants

Friends of the Elderly provides small grants (normally up to £400) to older people who meet all of the following criteria::

  • Resident in England and Wales
  • Of/over state pension age
  • Who are living on low incomes and with little savings
  • Who do not fit the criteria for other funders

Applications must be made via a third-party Referral Agent such as charities, local authorities, housing associations, community organisations, Information, Advice and Guidance providers and social services representatives. Applications can be made at any time. Please go to http://www.fote.org.uk/our-services/grants/  for further information.


Help from Percy Bilton Charity 

This Charity will consider giving assistance with essential items to individuals in the UK in distressed circumstances, who are on a low income, have a serious, long-term illness/disability or are over 65. Only Social Workers may apply on behalf of individuals. For further information, please go to https://www.percy-bilton-charity.org


Help for client’s pets from Friends of the Animals

Friends of the Animals help with:

  • The cost of neutering and other veterinary treatments.
  • Rehome animals that come into our care.
  • Support 450+ animals at a Sanctuary in the Midlands.
  • Offer support for members of the public in the care of their pets.

Friends of the Animals can be contacted on 01983 522511 or follow this link https://www.friendsoftheanimals.co.uk/contact-us/ 


NEW Benevolent funds from Here to Help (Not initiated through Storeroom2010)

Grants are awarded in a huge range of circumstances. Application for support is usually judged on a case by case basis, but here are some of the most common reasons why someone may be granted financial support.  Paying for day to day essentials such as food, bills, clothes, helping to purchase or repair home essentials such as furniture and white goods, help with adaptations to the home and assisting with extra costs relating to illness/disability, back to school costs such as uniform, IT and study equipment, childcare support, respite breaks and funeral costs.  Plenty of really useful links and advice at https://www.aco.uk.net/page/Home-Here-To-Help-Campaign