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You will often find some fun posts on our Facebook page.

Pop over to and join in!!  When you visit our page, please don’t forget to hit the LIKE button!

On Saturday’s, “Trackdown Ted” often likes to hide around the shop and warehouse. Sometimes he will be wearing a hat or extra points if you find him and his hat separately.

This is what Ted looks like:




On Sundays we have a quiz.  We post a cropped photo of an item we have in stock, and our Facebook followers will try to work out what it is.  Answers are always shown on Monday mornings.


WEDNESDAYS we play an  word anagram, the item is in the picture we have posted.

Later the same day we will reveal the answer (photos below for example).


Thursdays is our DEAL OF THE WEEK! Each week we select an item to reduce the price of for one full week.

Photo for example only

Twitter & Instagram

We have a Twitter account which provides regular newsbites and a few fun posts.

We are also on Instagram too if you prefer to just look at mostly photos; search for Storeroom2010 on both sites.

Twitter:                                                                                                                                                    Instagram:

Storeroom Selling Page – on Facebook

On Facebook we have another page; “Storeroom2010 selling page”. On this page we mostly show pictures and prices of our current available stock.  Any messages or comments are dealt with during our opening hours.


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